About me

Adriana Mueller

Hello and welcome to my portfolio! My name is Adriana and I love exploring the surroundings with my camera. I am fascinated by the interplay of light and shadow, but also by details and natural structures. Trees and their strong roots, mountain landscapes, the Mediterranean Sea and abstract reflections are among my favourite topics. I would like to share my impressions with you and bring the enchantment of nature into your home.

Nature photography, drawing and watercolour

My creative activities are dedicated to nature photography in Alicante province (Spain) and Saxony (Germany), as well as drawing and watercolour painting. Long hikes in the mountains, through forests and along the Mediterranean coast inspire me a lot. When I am out in nature and let my gaze wander over the vast landscape, the clocks seem to tick a little slower. For this reason, thoughts about time and change also influence my work.

There is so much beauty around us every day. It depends on us whether we see it. In my opinion, drawing and photography are wonderful ways to capture impressions and the magic of the moment. With my pictures and the stories surrounding them, I would like to inspire and motivate people to spend more time in nature and to experience it consciously with all their senses. This is also reflected on my websites that are about outdoor activities, trails and beautiful places.

Montepuro (Alicante province, Spain)
Sinnesfein (Alicante province, Spain)
Heidemüllerin (Saxony, Germany)

I was born in Germany. A few years ago I decided to emigrate to Spain. With the selection of photos and graphics shown here, I would like to express both my love for nature and my passion for photography and art. I am currently living on the Costa Blanca, where I am surrounded by a beautiful coastal scenery, impressive rock formations and bright sunlight.

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