Adria Visualuz, drawings and fine art photography


“Hello and welcome to my art website Visualuz! My name is Adriana and I am fascinated by the magical interplay of light and shadow. Trees, mountains and reflections in water are my favorite topics.”

Drawing, watercolor and nature photography by Adriana Mueller.

Long hikes through the enchanting forest, along the coast or in the mountains are my source of inspiration. Usually I prefer graphic and photographic design options to put my impressions on paper. Drawing and photography are the best ways for me to express my reflections and feelings. A few years ago I started watercolor painting to depict the bright colors and vast landscapes of the Mediterranean coast.

I have been deepening my skills in nature photography since 2016. In this context, I create two blogs which are dedicated to outdoor activities and hiking:

Heidemüllerin (Germany) | Montepuro (Spain)

My aim is to depict the originality and clarity that I can perceive in nature – to make the essence of nature visible – its beauty, timelessness and magic. Trees and their strong roots, rock faces and dreamlike reflections in water play an important role in my work. In general, I like to create series of images on a topic that are meant to show subtle variations.

Originals and Prints.

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A selection of original work and prints is available on:


Prints: Nature in Saxony, Germany

Prints: Nature Costa Blanca, Spain
REDBUBBLE | OhMyPrints | society6

Please do not hesitate to contact me in order to get more information about my artwork or to buy it. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in image licensing, personalized designs or in cooperation. I appreciate your feedback and look forward to your message.


Adriana was born in Dresden, Germany. She developed her skills in the fields of design sketching and graphic design during her studies of product design at the University of Applied Sciences Dresden and her internship in a design office in Zell am See, Austria. Her passion for visual arts has always been an important part of her life and so she decided to devote herself fully to art. Adriana is currently living and working in Spain where she is inspired by the enchanting colors of the Mediterranean coast.