| drawings of the forest II

Roots and magical forest.

Clear air, soft rustling of the leaves, noises in the undergrowth, the aromatic smell of the ground … For me, the forest is a place of creativity and a source of inspiration. The series is dedicated to the timeless elegance of roots and wood. It is inspired by long walks through the magical forest.

When resting in nature, I am fascinated by both – the peaceful ambience and the contrasts. On the one hand, the wild nature symbolizes energy, timeless beauty and the creation of new life. On the other hand, it can also be a place of change or transience. In my eyes, the forest embodies the poetry inherent in creation, being and fading. The never ending cycle of life. That´s why I designed the series in black and white – and as a network of fine lines. Black micro pigment ink on paper.

The original drawings and prints are available. Feel free to check out my work below – as well as the related collections on Saatchi Art and Artmajeur.