| drawings of the forest

Ink drawings

Trees and magical places.

Ink drawings of trees and their strong roots. This series is dedicated to remote places in the middle of the forest. I particularly like to draw the elegant shapes of roots, branches and twigs in black and white. When drawing, I create dense networks of black lines on the paper. It is important to me to depict the visible and natural forms. But the idea of the flowing life energy inside the tree is also part of the design.

Long hikes through enchanting forests and on remote paths inspire me a lot. When I’m out in nature, I often have my sketchbook with me to make quick sketches on the spot. I take these sketches and notes with me. Later, they serve as a guide for me to draw a special tree or landscape in detail. In my opinion, trees and their strong roots symbolise vitality, stability and the cycle of life in nature.

The original drawings and prints are available. Please have a look at the linked collections:

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