Costa Blanca, nature photography

Waves, cliffs and sand.

Moments on the Mediterranean coast.

Clear sea water, waves, cliffs and sandy beaches on the Mediterranean coast in Spain. This photo series is dedicated to the elegant movements of the water, abstract reflections and the beautiful bays of the Costa Blanca in Spain. Sea water flows over rocks or fine sand. Waves move towards the coast. Sunlight is reflected in the wet sand. The relaxing sound of the sea is omnipresent.

When I’m on the beach with my camera, I am very inspired by the natural structures, the interplay of colours and the constant movement of the water. Sometimes I am captivated by details that seem inconspicuous at first glance, but have a very special charm on closer inspection.

When photographing by the sea, it is important to me not only to depict what is visible, but also to incorporate other sensory impressions into my pictures. On the beach, I like the wind, but also the feeling of the soft sand and the cool water on the soles of my feet. Looking at the waves, I sometimes feel as if the clocks are ticking a little slower and I think about the meaning of time.

In my opinion, photography offers wonderful opportunities to capture brief moments and the subtle changes in flowing water. With this in mind, I like to take several shots of a scene. The resulting series of images are dedicated both to the magic of the moment and to change. Each shot shows a unique moment that is part of the constant change in nature. With my photos of the Mediterranean coast, I would like to bring the relaxing effect of sea water into your home. Prints are available online.