Costa Blanca, nature photography in Spain.

Waves, cliffs and sand.

The charm of the Mediterranean coast.

Mediterranean dreams. Clear sea water, gentle waves and cliffs on the Mediterranean coast in Spain. This photo series is dedicated to the elegant movements of water, reflections and the beautiful coves of the Costa Blanca in Spain. Soft waves meet rugged cliffs, stones or beige sand. The relaxing sound of the sea is omnipresent.

When taking photos, I like to focus on a small area of the water surface. Abstract effects of light refraction in clear water and reflections in wet sand fascinate me very much. In my opinion, the beauty of nature can be found in details, subtle textures and minimalistic compositions. The enchanting waves and permanent changes of the water inspire me to think about time. By the sea, it often seems to me that the clocks are ticking a little slower. So this photo series is meant to bring the meditative effect of sea water and the charm of the Mediterranean coast into your four walls.

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