Discovery. past meets future

Abstract pencil drawings.

The drawings of three imaginary creatures are meant to combine signs from the past and ideas for the future. Fossils and traces of living beings from long ago fascinate me very much. On the one hand, they stand for what has been and what is fading away. On the other hand, they stand for the origin and emergence of life. In my eyes, these designs created by nature can connect the past and the future. They inspire a journey through the millennia or millions of years – almost like getting into a time machine.

Discoveries mean that something forgotten can appear in a new light. There is a possibility that something new will emerge – based on the model from the past. So the pencil drawings are dedicated to creatures not (yet) discovered. Forms of the past meet forms of the future. Each creature leaves its traces and signs in the course of time. Some of them will be discovered.

Pencil on paper. The original drawings and prints are available. Feel free to have a look at the related collections.

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