Discovery, past meets future

Abstract drawings

of creatures that have not yet been discovered.

These three pencil drawings of imaginary life forms are meant to combine signs from the past and ideas for the future. I am very fascinated by fossils and traces of living creatures from the past. On the one hand, they represent what was there. On the other hand, they symbolise the origin and creation of life.

The designs are based on the idea that ancient life forms can represent a connection between the past and the future. They encourage a mental journey through the millennia or millions of years. It’s almost like getting into a time machine. They inspired me to imagine what an undiscovered creature from the past or a future living being might look like.

The Discovery series is dedicated to creatures that have not yet been discovered. Every living being leaves its traces and signs over the course of time. Some of them will be discovered.

Multiplication and abstract patterns.

In addition to the original drawings, I created a series of monochrome patterns. I used the individual designs as modules and expanded them into abstract patterns through reflection and symmetry. In the first step, past and future life face each other. The past meets future. In the next step, the living beings multiply and form a higher level. This is based on the fact that life forms can find ways to reproduce and exist across generations. In this respect, the patterns are an allusion to reproduction through cell division. When creating the patterns, I was inspired by the concept that an as yet undiscovered creature might choose the same strategies for reproduction and species preservation as the creatures we know.

Pencil on paper. The original drawings and prints are available online.

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Past and future face each other.

Creation of a higher level.