Ficus Macrophylla

Ink drawings

Trees and their majestic roots.

Tree of life. I am fascinated by strong roots and the majestic appearance of old trees. Maybe it’s because trees grow in a certain place over a long period of time … while the world around them is constantly changing. However, I was particularly inspired by the elegant shapes of the Ficus Macrophylla. Several trees of this type grow in a small park in the beautiful city center of Valencia in Spain.

I made some sketches in this magical place and and enjoyed the relaxing ambience in the shade of the trees. Based on these sketches, I created a series of five ink drawings. It is a complex network of thin lines that shows the intertwined shapes of the roots. But also the idea of the flowing vitality inside the trees flows into the design. // Light and shadow. Black and white. The root of a graceful tree has found its way into the earth. In my eyes, roots are symbols for strength, persistence, the subconscious and the cycle of life. // Black micro pigment ink on natural colored paper. The original drawings and prints are available.

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