fire and flames. unpredictability and change.

The beautiful moment

that is part of constant change.

This series is dedicated to the abstract appearance of fire and flames. I associate numerous beautiful memories with long hikes through the enchanting forest and a campfire afterwards. Golden glowing flames, rising steam or deep orange glowing wood can take the viewer into a magical world.

In my eyes, the element of fire stands for creativity, transformation and unpredictability. It can be destructive, but it can also create something new. I am fascinated by the (apparently random) interplay of shapes and colors of fire. The variety of compositions created by mother nature represents the magic of the moment and change at the same time.

The fire and flames series is dedicated to the poetry of movement, change and transformation. It reflects both: the fascination for phenomena in nature – and the world of emotions. For me, photography does not mean trying to capture a specific moment. Rather I see photography as a way of admiring nature and getting to know its beauty.