Abstract sky and sea of clouds.

Air meets sunlight.

Photography at sunrise and sunset.

The scenic sky at sunrise and sunset on the Costa Blanca in Spain inspires me very much. That´s why I have dedicated a series of photographs and photographic collages to cloudscapes. When the clouds are illuminated by the warm sunlight, the sky is transformed into a fantastic dreamscape. The abstract interplay of shapes and colors can be very versatile and unpredictable.

This selection of Mediterranean coudscapes is meant to show the magic of the moment that is part of constant change and movement. When photographing the sky, I often have the feeling of floating in a sea of clouds … and taking a journey through time where sunlight meets air and symmetry. // Nature photography and abstract patterns. Prints are available. Feel free to have a look at the linked collections:

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Golden clouds in the dark blue sky
Air and orange light, a journey through time
Mediterranean light and golden clouds in the blue sky
Bronze colored clouds in the dark blue sky