Mediterranean coast, beach photography

Sea water and beach.

Waves and reflections on the Costa Blanca.

Flowing sea water meets sand and sunlight. I often enjoy the soothing sound of the sea and the relaxing atmosphere on the Mediterranean coast in Spain. Clear sea water flows elegantly over the rocks and meets the shore. Sometimes there are beautiful reflections in the wet sand and on the surface of the water. Waves, foam and sunlight create abstract effects in the water. I like to capture the natural structures and details with my camera.

In general, I love walking at the foot of the Peñón de Ifach Natural Park and in the beautiful bays of the northern Costa Blanca. The views of the sea and the cliffs inspire me a lot. In my opinion, the flowing water represents the beauty of nature, which is characterised by constant change and permanent movement. I am particularly fascinated by the gentle waves that are constantly forming and moving towards the coast. Waves have been leaving their mark on the beach for millions of years. Every wave shapes the coast.

By the sea, I think about the meaning of time and it often seems to me that the clocks tick a little slower. That’s why this series is dedicated to the meditative and abstract effect of sea water. I would like to bring the charm of the Mediterranean coast into your home with my beach photography. Prints are available online.