Impressions of the Mediterranean coast

Shades of blue.

Clouds, mountains and the Mediterranean Sea.

Scenic clouds over the Mediterranean. Rock formations that have been formed over thousands of years by the forces of nature. Bright sunlight and reflections in the clear sea water.

I really like the coastal landscapes and mountains on the Costa Blanca in Spain. Sometimes the timing is perfect and beautiful lighting moods captivate me. Early in the morning, when the coastal landscape is illuminated by golden sunlight. During the day, when the landscape is characterised by the bright colours of the cliffs and buildings. By day, when the blue tones of the clear sky are reflected on the surface of the sea. But even when the clouds in the sky create subtle grey tones in the surroundings. In the evening, when the sun touches the horizon and the landscape is bathed in enchanting colours, a wonderful natural spectacle is created on some days.

Enchanting moments and change in nature.

I love to use watercolours to put my impressions on paper. When I’m on the coast or in the mountains, I usually have a small sketchbook and my camera with me to capture my impressions on site. Sometimes I’m inspired by details, sometimes by the views of the steep cliffs and the vast sea. The sketches and snapshots serve as a guide when I later paint a particular motif in detail.

When painting, it is important to me not only to depict what is visible, but also to allow other sensory impressions to flow into my pictures. On the beach, I like the feeling of the soft sand on the soles of my feet, the clear and refreshing water and the sound of the waves. In the mountains, I am usually impressed by the shapes and colours of the weathered rocks.

As soon as the paper is wet and the colours are flowing, I realise that everything is in motion. Sometimes I create series that show different states of a scene. My paintings are dedicated to the magic of the moment, which is part of the constant change in nature.

Watercolour on paper. The originals and prints are available online.