Cliffs and the Mediterranean Sea

Cala Moraig

A beautiful bay and change in nature.

Cala Moraig is one of my favourite places on the northern Costa Blanca in Spain. I like to spend time on the beach there, looking out to sea and capturing my impressions with watercolours. The dreamy bay is located at the foot of the Cumbre del Sol mountain.

Cala Moraig is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the attractive coastal area. Both the clear sea water and the views of the impressive cliffs attract numerous visitors every year. Over thousands of years, the rocks have been formed by the power of water. They bear the traces of time. In my opinion, the Falla del Moraig and Morro Falquí rock formations are particularly impressive. But the Cova dels Arcs cave is also a real eye-catcher.

This watercolour series is dedicated to the sea water and rocks of Cala Moraig. I painted the scene at different times of the day and noticed changes. In general, I am fascinated by the fact that everything in nature is characterised by constant movement and change. The colours, the light and the shadows on the cliffs, as well as the appearance of the water and the sky change quite quickly. In contrast, the rocks are characterised by slow change.

I like to paint with watercolours to show the subtle colours of the Mediterranean coast and the changes in nature. My work is inspired by long walks along the coast, but also by the bright sunlight that is omnipresent on the Costa Blanca.

Watercolour on paper. The originals and prints are available online.