wild boar and points of view


Based on the first series of pencil drawings of the wild boar, this second series is dedicated to the vertebral bone. It has the title “perspectives” and illustrates the bone from different points of view. Each perspective presents a unique appearance and in my opinion just one view would not be enough to describe the model completely. Each of the drawings is characteristic, it could stand on its own … and yet the four perspectives complement one another.

On the one hand, the series is about the organic appearance of the pure shapes which are modeled in a graphic way. On the other hand, the perspectives are an allusion to the positions we take in life. A geographical or mental change of perspective can under certain circumstances bring a completely new picture or new knowledge to light. I therefore see the conscious choice of different perspectives as an attempt to approach the essence of things. Pencil on natural colored paper.

In addition to the original drawings, I designed a variation in which the drawings were combined with typographic elements. The original drawings and reproductions are available. Feel free to check out my work below – as well as the related collections on Saatchi Art and Artmajeur.