Wild boar and metamorphosis of life

Pencil drawings

Light and shadow.

This series of pencil drawings is dedicated to the wild boar. On the one hand, I depicted the wild animal in its natural appearance and as a guardian of the forest. On the other hand, I was inspired by the organic shapes of its skull and vertebral bones.

The drawings are meant to symbolise the infinite cycle of life in nature. Shades of light and dark represent the metamorphosis of life. Everything seems to be in motion. The emergence, existence and fading of life seem to flow seamlessly into one another.

I don’t see black and white as opposites, but rather as states within a cycle in which everything seems to be subject to change. A cycle full of secrets and surprises that is always able create new life. For me, drawing means experimenting with contrasts, but also creating soft transitions. When drawing, I like to focus on the appearance of natural shapes and the effect of light and shadow. In addition, my enthusiasm for anatomy and the wild animals of the forest has influenced the design. Pencil on paper.

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