wild boar and metamorphosis of life

Light and shadow.

Inspired by the wild boar and its elegantly curved shapes of bones, I created a series of pencil drawings. A little different than in baroque vanitas still life, my focus is exclusively on one model. On the one hand, the drawings are focused to the appearance of the pure forms. On the other hand, my fascination for the infinite cycle of life has flowed into the design. The series is meant to show variations of light and shadow, black and white. I don’t see black and white as opposites, but as dynamic states within a cycle in which new things (or new life) can always arise. So figuratively speaking the shades of gray are meant to symbolize creation, being and fading that constantly flow into one another. In my eyes, gray tones don’t always represent transience or the past. In my imagery they mainly stand for the design of variations as well as for metamorphosis and change.

In addition to the handmade pencil drawings, I created a digital series in which the bones were combined with typographic elements. The original drawings and prints are available. Feel free to check out my drawings below – as well as the related collections on Saatchi Art and Artmajeur.